Manned Cloud 1 above Africa

Manned Cloud, a flying hotel concept by Jean-Marie Massaud

Below is a list of topics I have given talks on. To make a long list more readable, I have added a few details. These are far from exhaustive, of course, and should not be taken as anything other than a taster of the ideas that a talk on this topic would involve: if you think of a talk as the main course of a meal, these are the hors d’oeuvre. For each talk, I conduct new research and create bespoke content that is particularly relevant to the audience. I have given, and can give, talks on:

  • the future of ageing – considering issues like amortality, politics, and changing social structures
  • the future of banking – covering areas like mobile banking, peer-to-peer lending, the cashless (?) society, and biometric banking
  • the future of cars – e.g., e-cars & driverless cars, and what they means for the design of cars, the impact of the shale gas revolution, other new urban transports
  • the future of cities – e.g., humans as an urban species, slum innovations, the Internet of Things
  • the future of consumers – less materialistic, more experientialist, more connected and more social; from conspicuous to collaborative consumption
  • the future of families – especially the rise of the rise of the far-flung family and the connected single
  • the future of food – insects, gourmet junk, how social is changing how we eat and appreciate food
  • the future of health – especially the impact of the quantified self movement and the innovations set to impact our health in the future
  • the future of homes – in particular, as affected by the Internet of Things, and the emergence of flexible fixtures, and 3D printing
  • the future of innovation – from disruptive to Indo-vation, and 3D printing
  • the future of leisure – the new active, immersive entertainments, both analogue and digital
  • the future of media – as seen in tablets, sensors, and personalisation
  • the future of men – if women win, must men lose in the 21st century?
  • the future of retail – especially in an era of the internet, the Internet of Things, and Big Data
  • the future of society – the changing structure of work, power, gender relations, and what age means
  • the future of technology – wearables, nearables, invisibles
  • the future of travel – the new traveller, the next means of travel, the pioneers making it happen
  • the future of women – this is the first female century ever, and that changes everything, from economics to politics, from the bedroom to the boardroom
  • the future of work – especially the Martini model, the Hotel California model, and the Third Place model
  • Change – what is it good for: engaging motivational talks to excite people to embrace change
  • Innovation: how to, when to, what to, and, crucially, what not to (don’t get too excited about disruptive innovation, everybody)
  • Stuffocation – based on the book, personalised for each audience. In this talk, James Wallman tracks the most important cultural shift of the 21st century, from materialism to experientialism, and explains what it means for you
  • The internet of things – which will change everything
  • Social media – what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s next
  • Status in the 21st century – how it’s changing, and what that means for you and your brand
  • Emerging market consumers – how consumers in markets like Nigeria, Indonesia, and Brazil are different from the consumers you already know
  • Luxury consumers and the changing luxury market – less now means more, personalisation, mass customisation, experiences, and the innovators delivering tomorrow’s luxury ideals today

To discuss how I could structure a talk to inform, surprise, and inspire you and your audience, please email me or contact Karen O’Donnell at the Leigh Bureau.


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